Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Blue Araucana Egg

Blue araucana egg
Blue araucana egg

We have had a chook sitting on five araucana eggs. Three have hatched within the last two days. Yesterday she had moved off the nest, abandoning her remaining brood. Two more days and they're likely to hatch. I willed her to stick it out for the last stretch. Having sat on her nest for three weeks, who can blame her for wanting to call it quits with three healthy chicks. I moved her back onto the nest, hoping she had only been off it for a short time, that the chicks yet to emerge are still alive.

This morning one egg had rolled out of the nest. It lay on the grass as cold as it were blue. I dropped it into the compost. One left to hatch. I decided to intervene after the hen left the nest again, showing little interest in returning. I clutched the warm egg in my hand, wondering if I could detect life therein. I cradled it on a chair before the heater, whilst I simmered water to fill a hot water bottle. A rubbery surrogate mother. It now sits on my couch, egg and mother wrapped in a nana-rug. 

Will it be too hot, will it get too cold? One little egg. The possibility of a life. Is it worth all this fuss? I wonder if I am setting myself up for disappointment and that it wouldn't be better to add the egg to the compost right now. But then I think of the fluffy little cheepys. One more?

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