Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Frosted Wonderland

Ice crystals on timber, fragile frozen blades of grass, a white blanket over the ground. It sparkles as the morning sun opens the day. Roofs rain the morning melt. We live 200m from the lake and aren't too far off the coast. Surprisingly these past two wintery mornings the ground glistened in frozen glory. Frost. The air billowed white in front of my face as I breathed warmth into the cold on the morning feeding round of the chooks and horse. Overnight the garden hibernates, slowing down in this season of inner reflection. Frozen. I am a child dancing around the garden in the morning in delight, picking at the white dusted autumn leaves discarded on the lawn. I thought we lived in a frost free zone. I've lived in the area 4 years, but no frost had I seen till today. It's beautiful, enchanting. I don't even mind the fact that the potatoes and sweet potatoes are burnt by it as I think of all the fruits I can grow now that I had thought wouldn't as they need a good cold snap to sweeten up.Yum, yum. 

Frosted cabbage leaf

icey grass leaves

frosted potatoe plant

frosted lawn

frosted leaf

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