Monday, March 4, 2013

Guinea Pig Tractors

guinea pig tractor

It started on the corner. I noticed it one day when walking to the corner store. A cage of hungry mowers siting in the shade of a street tree. Then there was another, across the road and two doors up. Guinea pigs are mowing the verge, their peaceful munching can almost be heard above the din of barking dogs. I am impressed at my neighbours ingenuity. No more carbon guzzling mowers on their strips. What great packages these rodents are. Not only do they keep the grass at bay, but they fertilise and water it too. I am just waiting for when the mowing shop down the road catches on. They'll be boxing up guinea pigs and selling them with a slogan 'The mower of the future has arrived!'. This contagious greening of our street mowing habits is spreading, I wonder who will be next?

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