Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Green Beans: A Healthy Treat for Your Dog

Our beans plants have been so abundant over late summer that many dried on the vine before we could eat them. The other day I picked handfuls of the papery pods and threw them on top of an old chest drawers next to the dog beds ready to be popped out of their pods and stored for the next season. We mind dogs for people who want their dog to have a home away from home whilst they holiday. A black boxer had been with us for nearly a month and was making a great play mate for our dog Trapper. Their rolly pollying had knocked the beans off the chest of drawers. I found them making good use of the pods...

a boxer eating green beans
A boxer enjoying a green bean treat!

The pair found great fun in chewing open the pods and gnawing on the beans inside. They were even happy to share, each chewing on one end of the same pod... hmmm.... reminds me of a disney film. Fresh vegies are an important part of a dogs diet. The inclusion of vegetables, grains and fruits in their diet mimics what would naturally be consumed from the stomach of their prey (just picture your dog as a wild wolf roaming the hills, a healthy diet should mimic that of their wild ancestors). I can't think of a better way to make sure they get their vegies than to offer a green bean treat!

Try green beans with your dog, I found mine preferred his semi dried, but still chewable. 

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  1. Love it! Very disney, but real :) I will have to grow some green beans for our Lab next season :)


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