Thursday, May 23, 2013

Communities Growing Together: Cessnock Community Garden

A sprawling site on a natural watercourse on the outskirts of Cessnock is the home of Cessnock Shed and Community Garden. I joined a tour of the garden with the Hunter Organic Growers Society this month where we were welcomed into a place of fun where the locals have come together and really made a shared space of their own. Everyone has an opportunity to explore their own interests, from aquaponics to worm farming or just growing a beautiful bunch of herbs for the kitchen. Along side the garden sits two sheds. One for metal work and the other for wood. The garden and workshops are a great combination as there is always something to build in a working garden.

The tour begins in the raised beds designed for wheelchair access.
Overhead irrigation pipes water the garden beds.

Wine barrel halves make attractive herb pots at the end of the vegetable beds.

Hot red chillis


The aquaponics system cycles nutrients
from an adapted water tank of fish through
beds of cabbage grown in re-purposed
bath tubs.

Worm farms have been created in old bath
tubs covered over with old weed matting
to keep them warm and dark.

The garden is in the grounds of an old aged
care facility. Old hospital beds make
perfect potting tables.

Beds of potatoes, basil, kale and more...

In conversation with one of the gardeners as she takes us through the herbs and chilli bed.

Giant sweet potatoe, nearly the size of
a human head.

Autumn is the season for planting garlic
in temperate areas.

The flower garden is full of
beautiful roses.

Those pesky rabbits are kept out
of the lettuce patch by re-purposing
old fly screens.
Netting protects the cabbages from white cabbage moth.

Beautiful snow pea flowers.

Find out more about the Cessnock Shed and Community Garden here.

Learn more about the Hunter Organic Growers Society here.

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