Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scrummy Flat Bread - Gluten Free

This bread is so scrummy that even if you are a gluten carnivore you'll be sure to enjoy this one. With the help of a little secret ingredient, it is moist and works great with some simple toppings or torn up to have with your favourite dip.

Supermarket and healthfood store offerings of gluten, dairy and yeast free breads tend to be somewhat bleak. They are dry, have odd textures, and lack flavour. Gluten is a protein present in wheat, rye and barley. This protein is what gives bread it's characteristic elasticity. There is a wide variety of gluten free grains from which bread can be made; rice, quinoa, corn meal, potatoe starch, arrowroot... However all these wonderful grains don't tend to bind well into a dough without a little extra help. Usually a mix of high starch flours (potatoe, corn, arrowroot) and xanthum gum are added to help the ingredients bind. Yet this approach still falls well short of a decent bread, producing a dry and still somewhat crumbly texture. 

Gluten dairy yeast free flat bread recipe

Flax seeds are a special little seed. When placed in water they swell, releasing a mucilage content. This is a great fiber to aid digestion, and it is also one of the next best things to gluten for making bread bind and hold it's moisture. It is available as a flour, which is a different product to flaxseed meal, being a true, finely ground flour. Added to any mix of gluten free flours, it will make for moist and flavoursome baked goods. It is available to purchase direct from the farm at Waltanna Gold, a Victorian farm which produce the flour from a golden variety of flax.

Ingredients:                    1/4 cup flaxseed flour
(Makes 1 flat bread)        1/4 cup soy flour
                                      1 1/4 cup brown rice flour
                                      Pinch of salt
                                      1 teaspoon olive oil
                                      Enough water to bind into a manageable dough


Combine the dry ingredients. Add the wet ingredients and mix with a wooden spoon. Turn out onto a floured pizza tray, approximately 25cm diameter. Knead to combine. Cook in a moderate oven (200 degrees) for approximately 20mins, until slightly golden brown. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with fresh herbs to serve, or add your favourite salad toppings. If you would like to use it as a sandwich wrap or as a pizza base, remove from the oven after about 15mins before it browns so that it remains flexible. 


The brown rice flour can be substituted with any grain flour (gluten or gluten or gluten free), try quinoa or buckwheat. The soy flour can be substituted with any legume flour, such as chick pea, or if you have a grain mill, try milling black beans for a deep earthy flour. Have fun with it, mix and match your flours to keep it interesting. Herbs can also be added to the dough.


  1. I remember a gluten free friend shared some of her bread about 15 years ago with me... I was appalled that this crumbling dry piece of cardboard was her only option. I think your bread here would have been a far better option.
    "mucilage" word for the day, what an excellent word that is :-)

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. The interesting thing with those who go on a gluten free diet is that we all naturally want to keep eating those familiar foods. And now good substitutes are often available. However I have found the best approach to eating gluten free, and this goes for anyone with a food intolerance, use it as an opportunity to explore new foods, you might find something you really love. Don't keep eating those poor substitutes! I hope your friend has found something more yummy!


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