For me to create, to bring something into being from my own hands, is not so different from watching the corn stalks grow a little taller each day. It is a kind of growth, only differing in that it is my sweat that made the bread or sewed the hat. It is the input of my energy that gives the handmade a special feeling. To create is to be empowered.

How To Make A Chicken Saddle - Protect your hen from the damage of a rooster's claws with a home made leather chicken saddle.

Finding Art & Nature in Sydney
- Nature as author, what should we tell our children and how to lose yourself in the landscape.

Pink Sweet Potatoe Art - When I hoard my rainbow of vegetables some of them get impatient waiting to be dinner and start to grow.
assemblage art

Inspiration Assemblage - The place where a new artwork begins.

Kookaburra Feather -
Our resident kookaburras are my inspiration for this painting.

5 Days of Pumpkins: Small Sugar - Drawing of these delightful little round gems.

jap butternut cross pumpkin drawing

5 Days of Pumpkins: Jap & Butternut Cross - A drawing of a rogue compost spawned pumpkin.

golden nugget pumpkin drawing

5 Days of Pumpkins: Golden Nugget - Little pumpkin ornaments, I can't bear to eat them... Enjoy my drawing

qld blue pumpkin painting

5 Days of Pumpkins: Queensland Blue - Pumpkins come in a beautiful array of forms, sizes and colours, I was inspired to paint their portraits...


Plotting the Plot: Designing a Garden (Part 1) -Step 1 to Designing a Garden: fill a notebook with what inspires you.
garden notes

Pen to Paper: Designing a Garden (Part 2) - Step 2 to designing a garden: a list of requirements: outdoor living spaces, chicken coop, vegetable patch... 


garden plan

The Plan: Designing A Garden (Part 3) - Backyard food garden working, towards self sufficiency.

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