To witness growth is a beautiful thing. It is the way in which the world renews itself. A reminder that life goes on and that it is far greater than the sum of our own lives. We fill our backyard with vegetables, fruits and chicks hatching from their eggs. These are our constant reminders of life and where we fit into it.

wicking bed

Grow Your Carrots in the Bath: How To Make A Wicking Bed -
Carrots can be tricky to get growing. Try a home-made self watering wicking bed using an old bath tub.

Biodynamics in the Vineyard - How a beautiful vineyard in Broke strikes a balance with nature using biodynamics, cattle, sheep, poultry and pigs.

Communities Growing Together: Cessnock Community Garden - From aquaponics to worm farming or growing vegetables, Cessnock Community Garden is a place where everyone can get growing. Take a virtual tour...

Permaculture Day in Beautiful Stroud - A one acre edible landscape of a food forest, edible pond, kitchen garden, market garden, sheep and poultry, that sustains a family and their community.

Get Growing Gorgeous Bulbs of Garlic - Grow and use this versatile plant for it's flavour, antibiotic and insect repellant properties. Here's how...

heart shpaed lettuce leaf

Love in the Lettuce Patch - My lettuces have started sprouting love heart leafs. I wonder what that can mean?

orange tree illustration
Spring Garden: Photo Essay - Everything blooms in spring...

Inspiration from Joel Salatin: Part 1 - Support the Farmer - Learn what you can do to support farmers and an ethical food system, with inspiration from Joel Salatin's recent Sydney talk.

Seedraising Workshop at Purple Pear Organics - Seed-raising workshop at Purple Pear Organics: Community Assisted Agriculture and organic market garden using permaculture principles and moon planting


How little things grow... - Araucana chicks, my how fast they grow!


A Sponge, A Meal, The Loofa - How to grow, eat, and make your own home grown sponge from the versatile loofa (luffa cylindrical) fruit.

mandala garden 

The Mandala Garden Takes Shape - The paths are laid, new soil and the chooks are busy fertisiling.

creating the garden

New Garden Shaping Up for Spring - With helping hands our new vegetable and fruit garden begins to grow.
blue hen

Mandala Chook Clock Garden - Let the chooks into your vegetable garden and they'll fertilise and cultivate for you! Design for a chicken friendly garden.

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