It seems the more things we have the less satisfied we are. Somewhere between poverty and wealth there must be a sweet spot. Or perhaps what we possess is of little consequence to our happiness. For us making the most of what we do have and sharing the surplus is most satisfying.

Inspiration from Joel Salatin: Part 4 - Fertility Comes From Somewhere Else - Realise the potential within ourselves, our soil, our homes, everything we need is right here.

Road-side Recycling - Waste or resource? It's council pick-up time. Be creative and make use of what others have no use for.

Busting Our Electricity Bills - Part 5: Will Solar Pay For Itself?
sun rise on the lakeIs it too good to be true? Are solar panels now so affordable that the amount you will save off your electricity bills will pay for a new solar array? Find out more...

Busting our electricity bills: Part 4 - Sizing Our Solar System - How do your choose the best sized solar system for your needs?

Busting our electricity bills: Part 3 - Going Solar - We decide to go solar with no budget other than what we will save on our electricity bill.

Guinea Pig Tractors - The mower of the future has arrived!

Diamond Head at dawn

Travelling Lightly - Finding eco friendly transport, accommodation and activities for our Summer holiday.

Busting our electricity bills: Part 1 - How we are going to save energy on heating, cooling, hot water, lighting and more... 

electrcity pole

Busting our electricity bills: Part 2 - How we saved 12% off our bills with one phone call.

black stemmed taro

 Recycling the Freecycle Way - The wonderful world of giving away or receiving unwanted items for free.

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