The difference between 'nature' and 'nurture' is of only two letters. I find that these words are often almost interchangeable. Stepping out into a green filled space of leaves and sunshine filtering through to a soft carpet underfoot gives me a sense of safety and peace. Nature is nurturing. To nurture what is living, caring for one another and our environment, is our nature. It seems that neither of these two words can exist without the other, a powerful combination that is fundamental to our well being.  

Urban Hum: A Backyard Beekeeping Program - Hunter Organic Grower's Society visits Urban Hum, a backyard bee keeping program sweeping Newcastle

call duck

Little White Call Ducks - Delightful characters perfect for the backyard vegetable garden and as pets.

Caring for Older Animals: Part 1 - Learning to care for the older animal to keep them at their best.

old horse

Caring for Older Animals: Part 2 - Finding our place in the herd with natural horsemanship, and preparing to let go.
water bird

A lanky visitor - A lanky visitor to the vegie patch, and pick your cabbages before they bloom!

 A Blue Araucana Egg - The hen has left the nest, one egg remains... what do you do with an unhatched egg?

Just Hatched - There's something special about witnessing the birth of new life.  


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